Adapter and Lightning Cable

700 L

Apple USB Power Adapter

1,500 L

Apple USB-C Power Adapter 18W

1,000 L

Apple Watch Magnetic Fast Charger to USB-C Cable

4,990 L

Baseus Smart 3in1 Wireless Charger

2,990 L3,990 L

Baseus Universal Cable 3-in-1

1,000 L

Earldom 3in1 Fast Charging Cable EC-IMC024

700 L

Earldom Fast Charger ES-197

500 L

Earldom Fast Charger with Type-C Cable ES-EU12

990 L

Earldom Fast Charger with Type-C to Lightning Cable ES-EU4

1,290 L

Earldom Fast Charger with Type-C to Type-C Cable ES-EU4

1,290 L

Earldom Fast Charging ES-EU12

1,490 L

Earldom Fast Travel Charger with Type A to Micro Cable ES-EU27M

490 L

Electric Scooter Charger

2,490 L

Electric Scooter N8/X7 Charger

2,000 L

Imilab USB-C Power Adapter 20W

990 L

Iphone X Adapter and Lightning Cable

2,500 L

Mi USB Type-C to Type-C Cable 150 cm

1,990 L

Redmi Travel Power Adapter USB-C

1,490 L

Samsung 25W Travel Adapter + C to C Cable

2,490 L

Travel Adapter and Cable Type-C

800 L

Xiaomi Mi 20W Charger (Type-C)

2,790 L

Xiaomi Mi 33W Wall Charger

2,190 L

Xiaomi Mi 65W Fast Charger GaN Tech

4,000 L

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5/4 Charging Cable

590 L

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5/6 Charging Cable

1,000 L

Xiaomi USB Type-C Braided Cable 100cm

690 L